Magsari Commodities was established and developed as a direct result of the increasing demand to find reliable mining companies who can produce much needed commodities.

Magsari's strength rises from our networks in the US, Mexico, Latin America and Asia, As well as in other major financial markets. These countries will offer unusual opportunities for profits over the next decade, especially in the commodities trading sector.

Our strategy is to operate in niche sectors within large-volume commodities, using local partners to assure the opening of channels.

Magsari developed a strong network relationship among sustainable mining companies, and strategic partners with strong resources to purchase large volume of precious metals and minerals.

Magsari Commodities plays a major role in these transactions, with over 25 years of experience dealing with the most sustainable companies can assure that both parties are able to financially secure those deals.

Our purpose is to create long-term business relationship through the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of natural resources.

Across our global operations, we are committed to working in ways that are true to Magsari's values of Sustainability, Integrity, Respect, Trust, Performance, and Accountability. By living through our values we build on our success today and for tomorrow.

Our strategic partners are among the world's largest producers of major commodities, including aluminum, coal, copper, iron ore, manganese, nickel, silver, uranium and tungsten, and have substantial interests in oil and gas. Our unrivaled portfolio of high quality growth opportunities will ensure we continue to meet the changing needs of our customers and the resources demand of emerging economies at every stage of their growth.

The diversification of our portfolio continues to be our defining attribute. The quality of our partners, our asset base and their unchanged strategy of owning and operating large, long-life, low-cost, expandable, upstream assets diversified by commodity, geography and market, together with our ability and commitment to investing through the cycle and delivering projects on budget and to schedule, is what sets us apart from our peers.

We can never take our performance for granted. Each day, we must safely operate all of our assets at capacity and continue to identify those resources we will leave to the next generation of our leaders. We are committed to the health and safety of our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate. The long-term nature of our operations allow us to establish long lasting relationships with our partners where we work together to make a positive contribution to the lives of people who work with us. Our ability to grow our organization safely and in an environmentally responsible way is essential.

Our corporate strategy is based on strategic partnership whom own and operated assets diversified by commodity, geography and market. To achieve this, we also need a workforce that reflects diversity in all forms, including gender, skills, experience and ethnicity. Embracing openness, trust, teamwork, diversity and relationships that are mutually beneficial, reflects our core value of Respect and is the focus of our people strategy. In all our efforts, we aim to be inclusive and build pride and loyalty in our workforce.