Hard Money Lending

At Magsari Capital We don't operate like a bank or institutional lenders. We provide our bad credit mortgages with funds from our own private investor fund. We don't put our Borrowers through all the credit and income requests that many other lenders do.

Most of our Borrowers receive their funds in less than 2 weeks. We're not a bank and we'll never think like a bank. We tell our Borrowers right up front if we are able to fund them and we'll close the loan in 1 to 2 weeks.

Even if you've been turned down by your bank or by the big institutions and you don't think you can get a mortgage, we should be able to get you the financing you require. We believe that every Borrower deserves an alternative to the difficult lending standards that big banks and institutional lenders are currently employing.

We're not as concerned about credit or income as many other lenders are, If you have less than perfect credit or just need money fast and own a real estate property in the USA we can probably support you. If you have problems proving your income, can't prove your income or you've been in business for less than two years we are here for you. We will go the extra mile to get you the funding you need.

We base the mortgage loans we make to our borrowers on the equity they have in their properties. If you have sufficient equity in your property we will try our best to get your loan approved and lend you the money you need with little to no hassle. As a direct hard money lender, we underwrite your loan in-house and are able to provide you with a quick decision on your loan application.

There are many hard money lenders in California, but few have the expertise and experience that Magsari Capital has acquired over the years with their strategic partners. Our group will work closely with you to ensure you receive your funds in a timely manner.

Regardless of your current or past financial situation we are here to support you. Give us a call now (855)562-4727 money is not an issue.